Pre-Authorized Payment Service

Collecting common expense charges from each owner and making deposits into corporation accounts has never been this simple.


Easy payment collection and deposits.

Accounting for Condo allows payments and bookkeeping to become one. With the two services becoming fully integrated, collecting payments and making deposits have never been this seamless and easy. Everything is automated for you - a huge savings in terms of time.

Payment Features

Cost Savings

We process a high volume of transactions with financial institutions which affords us economies of scale and cost savings. We pass those savings onto you.

No Fees

There are no monthly fees or minimum transaction fees. You only pay for the pre-authorized payment that is processed.


There is no need to deal with your financial institution. We take care of everything for you and we even send you a report of the transaction to you by email.

Compatible with All Financial Institutions

Our service is fully compatible with all Canadian financial institutions.

Property Management Accounting by Professional Accountants

Designed by experienced property managers, Condo Manager offers functions adapted to your daily tasks. Powerful and practical, we provide tools that make your life easier by making you more efficient.

Remote Accounting

Spotless bookkeeping and quality reports made by experts

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Home Support Services for Seniors

Home support services for seniors

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Website Services

Owners can check financial statements from the web

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Property Management Accounting Made Simple

Get professional property management accounting help from industry-leading accounting experts without industry costs!