Accounting Services for Condo Corporations

Accounting for Condo is a complete remote bookkeeping service that keeps you in complete control. Our mission is to grant access to professional bookkeeping to condo corporations at an affordable cost.

Suitable for small corporations.

Small corporations typically do not have sufficient resources for certain services. As such, they often don't have access, like thousands of other corporations, to the benefits offered by the Condo Manager software. Consequently, those small corporations assign the management functions to an external management company. In such cases, the administrators almost always lose control of the corporation. In fact, accounting documents, owner’s cheques, communications, deposits and vendors' cheques remain in a remote office. There is a clear need for professional bookkeeping/accounting but limited budget/resources remain a large constraint.

Solution for efficiency.

By leveraging technology, our solution enables remote bookkeeping - meaning there is no need for accounting documents to ever leave the corporation’s physical office. All is done electronically via a quick scanning process of all necessary documents. This allows copies of all documents to be permanently archived in the system and to be easily displayed or printed on demand. Furthermore, digital copies of the documents are attached with the folders or accounting transactions -a significant advantage for accountants and auditors.

Affordable for all.

This new approach combined with our vast expertise in condo accounting allows us to offer the services at an industry-leading affordable price while offering superior level of quality that thousands of customers have been benefiting from for years.

You too will be able to get professional bookkeeping, all the while retaining complete control.


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